Geographical Position

Bharatpur, Eastern gate of Rajasthan, is situated between 26° 22' to 27° 83' North Latitude and 76° 53' to 78° 17' East Longitude. It is situated 100 meters above the sea level. It is 184 km. away from Delhi in South-East. Northern Border of the district touches district Gurgaon of state Haryana, Eastern Border touches district Mathura, Southern Border touches district Agra of state Uttar Pradesh and district Dholpur of Rajasthan. It touches district Dausa in south-west and district Alwar in the North-West.

Road Connectivity

Bharatpur is accessible by road from Agra (55 km. or 34 miles) and Jaipur ( 185 km. or 115miles). It is 1,207 km. (750 miles) from Mumbai on the broad-gauge line of the Western Railway. All important places of Bharatpur are connected by roads.

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